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Reflect Your Business

The selection process of your domain name can be significantly more efficient and quicker if you carefully identify and take into consideration all specific attributes of your online business. Make sure your domain name reflects your business.

Brand Development

A domain name can be selected strictly for the purpose of creating a new and unique brand. Develop your brand around domain name.

Marketing Slogans

A domain name can also reflect your marketing slogan. "" which is a domain name for a slogan that "Microsoft" uses in its advertisements, and as you can guess, it is a domain name that goes to the company's main website "".

Search Engines

This type of domain name is usually stuffed with keywords which are often separated by hyphens and used to create better search engine rankings.

Traffic Generation

These are usually one word domain names that are very scarce and companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire them from their previous owners. The reason why these types of names are valuable are quite simple - instant traffic! Many Internet users, when searching for a particular business, will try to guess domain names that relate to what they are looking for. For example, it is quite natural for many people, who are looking for a loan, to type "" in the address bar of their internet browser. Surely, a company that provides loan services would highly benefit from this volume of highly targeted walk-in traffic. That is why "" was purchased for $3 million by an established company that already had other domain names!

Industry Domination

This type of domain name is used for competitive and marketing reasons and is often used to identify the industry that a company is focusing on. This is not a domain name that a company would use as its main website address. As an example, let's take "", which is currently featured in the Showcase section. This domain name is based on a term that is often used to identify the wireless industry; a highly competitive sector. Naturally, any company that is focused on being a strong participant of this industry, would gain a competitive advantage through the use and strategic marketing of this domain name.

Make It Simple

Consider a situation where a reader comes across a company's domain name while flipping through a magazine. What is likelihood that the domain name will be remembered by that individual, if he or she wished to visit the site later at home or office. Make your domain name simple.

Is It Memorable?

A very unique and catchy domain name helps to distinguish your online business from those of the competition, especially in the Internet industry, where people are bombarded by companies advertising their domain names. Also, some companies use names that have a catchy angle to them so that they stay on people's minds! Here are some popular examples:,,, and

Cyberweb Global Services

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The design process
  • Listen Listen Client Request

    Firstly, we will find out what we need to know about you and your needs

  • Design Develop Creative layouts

    Here, we create and develop the most effective designs and ideas to communicate your vision

  • Complete Ready for launch

    When you're happy with the final concept, we will fine-tune everything, ready for launch low price domains, cheap domains, book a domain registration company, warangal, hanamkonda, kazipet, hyderabad, ap, india

What our Clients are saying?
  • "MaddySoft did a great job! This is our first website and we didnít know what to expect. They walked us through the process and help us each step of the way. The success of the web site has been beyond our expectations. We receive complements daily from people who visit our site. We could not have asked for a better design. You should definitely consider MaddySoft if you are planning on building a website"

    HarryBond,, USA
  • "We were so pleased with the web site design and content that we gave a bonus on top of the invoice and even then the costs were extremely reasonable. The service given was very comprehensive. We gave [MaddySoft] the company promotional material, some initial thoughts on what we wanted from the website and everything else was left in their capable hands."

    Hanmandloo, SirisampadaConsultants
  • "We spent a considerable time looking for a web designer to come up with a site template for our new website. Dev from Maddysoft was one of the few people that really seemed to understand what we wanted from the outset and had many great suggestions in improving on our ideas. We are really pleased with the design that Dev came up with and his communication throughout was excellent. We plan on commissioning Maddysoft with some more work in the not too distant future."

    Y. Sudhakariah, Educhannel
  • "From our very first contact with MaddySoft to our final website launch, we found MaddySoft provided an outstanding service and an excellent company to work with. Every question was answered quickly and they went above and beyond what we asked of them. The website they designed and launched for us is exactly what we want and their service made every step of the process simple."

    Nayeemuddin Mohammed,
  • "Our web site has always outperformed those of our competitors, and we have even cancelled most of our other advertising, the internet provides us with a huge percentage of our business. And what is even more amazing to us is that it was all done without us really lifting a finger, as [Pixelmakers] basically came in and took time to understand our business and marketed it for us in ways we were too blind to see. The web site design and other graphic work done for us have really pushed us to punch above our weight. Highly recommended."

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